Effective thermal & acoustic insulation performance is dependent on the quality of the insulation product used. That's why, at Higgins Insulation Sydney, we choose to only work with the best quality, high performance products available in Australia.

Earthwool Ceiling batts sydney

Earthwool Ceiling batts are a cost effective, new generation of sustainable glasswool insulation for the thermal insulation of your ceiling space. Available in pre-cut rectangles at either 430mm or 580mm widths that suit most standard ceiling joist centres and can be installed from either below ceiling joists (i.e. within the room) or from above ceiling joists (i.e. within the ceiling space).

polyester home insulation sydney

Polyester Insulation - Greenstuff polyester thermal insulation batts are specifically designed to provide high performance thermal insulation of ceiling spaces within Australian residential homes. Made in Australia from regenerated polyester fibers, the batts come in 2 widths to fit standard ceiling Joist spacings. Polyester batts are generally non itch in comparison to traditional glasswool insulaiton and require no special safety equipment to install.

Real Wool Insulation sydney

Real Wool Insulation - Higgins Real Wool insulation batts are exactly that. Thermal insulation batts made from 80% Real Sheeps Wool to provide a safe, clean and environmentally friendly thermal insulation solution. Specifically designed to meet the harsh conditions of Australia's unique climate, Higgins Real Wool insulation batts come in R3.0 or R3.5 and 430mm or 580mm widths to fit standard Australian ceiling joist spacings.



pipe insulation thermal conductivity

Thermobreak Tube is a preformed tube insulation for pipes, manufactured by Sekisui Foam Australia. Made from physically (irradiation) cross-linked closed-cell, polyolefin foam, and factory bonded to pure reinforced aluminium foil. With a lower thermal conductivity than any other flexible insulation material, almost zero vapour permeability, Thermobreak Tube provides superior energy saving performance, fast and simple installation, and trouble -free operation in a variety of environments.

foilboard underfloor insulation

Foilboard - Foilboard Green was conceived as a sustainable alternative to bulk insulation. Combining reflective insulation and a polystyrene core, Foilboard is able to achieve high thermal resistance in a minimum of space. This removes the need for traditional bulk insulation as well as reducing airflow from the conditioned space and increasing energy savings. Foilboard is suitable for ceiling, wall, floor applications in both commercial and residential building projects

2XR PIR Soffit Board - A light weight phenolic foam insulation board with foil facing that ensures excellent insulation due to its low thermal conductivity, low leakage and low moisture permeability.
Its light weight eliminates the use of heavy duty anchors and supports. 2XR ULTRA SOFFIT is fireproof and has a service life of over 15 years. 2XR Ultra Soffit board is also Green Star Compliant and has low ozone depleting potential

Soundlag TM Sydney

Soundlag 4525C - Soundlag TM is a high-performance composite acoustic pipe and ductwork lagging product developed to reduce noise from pipes, valves, fan housings, and ductwork in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. The highly dense and flexible mass layer provides excellent sound reduction properties, whilst the decoupling layer breaks the vibration path between substrate and the mass barrier, allowing the vinyl external wrap to remain flexible – optimising performance. The external foil facing offers a fire resistant covering and an excellent surface to join adjacent sheets

Soundscreen insulation batts Sydney

- Soundscreen Batts are a highly effective thermo - acoustic bulk glasswool insulation solution manufactured in Australia by Bradfords Insulation. Available in 2 widths, 430 or 580mm to suit standard stud widths, and a range of thicknesses and R-Values, from R1.6 through to R3.1. Benefits include:
- Reduce noise transfer between rooms and through external walls
- Helps isolate rooms for a quieter home
- Provides thermal insulation, reducing your energy use
- Limit noise transfer in 2 storey homes between first and second floor
Low allergen – National Asthma Council Sensitive Choice partner
Backed by a 70 year product warrant

mass loaded vinyl sydney

Mass Loaded Vinyl - A vinyl sheet product that has been impregnated with high density organic compounds to create an ultra thin, highly flexible, easy to cut and install acoustic insulation product with superior soundproofing qualities. Mass Loaded Vinyl is ideal for applications requiring high performance soundproofing with minimum space loss. MLV can be attached to ceilings, walls, floors or residential or commercial buildings as well as many industrial applications